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高一的英语作文 篇1

The Changes of My Hometown

My hometown is located at the outside of the city.

I was born and grew up there. It was a little village with natural scenery of green mountains, a beautiful river and lovely village houses. In the summer, I liked to go to picnic under the mountain and swim in the river.

But now my hometown has changes. The mountains were blown down to build the factories, and the river was polluted by the waste water from those factories. There are no more green mountains but the smoking factories. The water of the river turns black and stinks, and I can never swim in it again. The village houses are gone too, and the ugly storied houses with walls are instead.

I don’t like the changes of my hometown, it is a polluted hometown.







高一的英语作文 篇2

Look out the window, suddenly found that can't see the blue sky, white clouds, a gray sight between heaven and earth, even the other side of the building there is only a hazy outline. This weather is more and more frequent, haze is silently hung over our city.

Haze is mist floating a lot of smoke, dust and other particles and formation of the turbidity phenomenon. January 29, according to the ministry of remote sensing satellite monitoring: China has 130 square kilometers of regional haze shrouded, serious pollution of air quality.

The fog haze weather how? Many families have a car, we have to travel more convenient, but the car exhaust pollution of the air; Power plant, oil refineries, chemical plants in our city "game", but the clock keep emit soot and dust; The colorful fireworks let a person too many things to see, but air ZhongYan WuTengTeng, become very muddy, air quality has fallen sharply, PM2.5 and PM10 index has soared, these are the main cause of fog, they bring us quick and convenient and enjoyable at the same time, also quietly gave us the unintended consequences.

Haze weather, our breathing is cloudy gas. The haze in the air can cause diseases such as pneumonia, sore throat, bronchitis, heart, decline. In 1952, the fog in London, England is like invisible killer, seized 4000 people in just five days of life, after two months has killed 8000 people in the life, the power of the fog, and this is a wake-up call for us.

We need the fresh air, is a healthy body. Please do not at the expense of the health, and for the so-called good life. Driving less, green travel, a variety of trees, protect forests. Haze, starts from me.






高一的英语作文 篇3

We are having good living condition.

And most of us are the only child in the family.

Our parents love us so much that we can have what we want.

But some of our classmates don’t take good care of these things.

They throw away their pen and paper.

Some of them even waste food.

I think it is bad habit.

As students, we should make full use of what we are given.

If we don’t need something, we can give it to those who are in great need.

It’s important to save the resources and it’s also our duty.


高一的英语作文 篇4

Ching Ming festival is a traditional Chinese festival, has a history of two thousand five hundred years; Its main traditional cultural activities are: grave, outing, cockfighting, swing, play mat, pull hook, tug-of-war), etc. The members (the grave), is very old. Tomb-sweeping day, as a traditional culture, it is a full of mysterious colorific festival, on this day, the pedestrians on the road are missing people who died, to express their respect and grief!

Ching Ming festival, in hainan many locals call it the "qingming festival". Middle age the qingming festival is very important, if not as a legal holiday, they will also take time to go home "qingming festival". This suggests that the qingming festival has become a culture, become a man of the late express a way of missing loved ones.

Qingming festival, is a kind of Chinese traditional culture recognition and respect. Qingming festival is very important in the ancient tradition of a festival, is also the most important festival of festivals, was the day of ancestor worship and the grave. This grave, the shrine of the dead an activity.

The han nationality and some minority are mostly in the tombs. According to the old tradition, the grave, people to carry goods such as especially fruit, paper money to the grave, will be food for offering in the family tomb, then paper incineration, new soil up to the grave, fold a few branches pale green branches ed in the grave, and then salute kowtow worship, finally eat especially home.

The tang dynasty poet tu mu's poem "qingming" : "rains fall heavily as qingming comes, and passers-by with lowered spirits go. Restaurant where? Boy pointed apricot blossom village." Write the tomb-sweeping day is special atmosphere. Until today, tomb-sweeping day ancestor worship, mourning the late relatives customs still prevail. And the more brought to the attention of the people.

Chinese is influenced by its culture, make clear the Chinese memorial ancestors festival. Ancestor worship in qingming festival people are back, this is a kind of culture, a kind of habit.

高一的`英语作文 篇5

I have been shocked many times by some accidents in my life through which I find Human s life is like a delicate vase that will break into pieces for some unexpected incidents.

One day in the summer of last year, Wang, my friend, was watching a football match with his father.

The match was too exciting for his father s heart to bear so he suddenly fell down to the ground for the heart attack. 120 was soon dialed but Wang s father passed away at last. It was too cruel for Wang to see his father die in front of him, and also too difficult for me to accept the fact, because just several hours before his death, he picked Wang and me up at Pu Dong Airport and sent us back home. At that time, he was so healthy that no one would expect that he would die a few hours later.

A few days later, I found something wrong with my body.It was a cyst as big as a coin found under my cheek. I felt very worried because, as I know, a cyst in that place was very dangerous. I was put into hospital after the doctor decided to remove it. After I entered the room of patients, I was jaw dropping because the looks of the patients were frightening, one person has a lump as big as a baseball on his face; another patient s eyes were bruised too badly to be seen and an old man s teeth had been all knocked off because the doctor would do an operation in his throat. I felt lucky and was even satisfied with my illness in this situation.

高一的英语作文 篇6

There is a story that an old woman always feels unhappy, because when the sun comes out, she worries about her daughter's business, because the girl sells umbrella.

But when it rains, she stills feels unhappy for she worries about her another daugther's business. People tell her to change his point of view, when the it is fine, she can feel happy about her second daughter's business and when it rains, she can be happy about her first daughter's business. In that way, she will be a positive woman every day.

We can't change the fact, but we can treat things in another way, so that we can be positive all the time.

高一的英语作文 篇7

Recently, we have little time to keep close contact with nature.

We spend too much time on study or working.

We almost forget that how green the grass is, how beautiful the flowers are, and how sweetly the birds are singing outside our windows.

A saying goes, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". It means that we need to relax ourselves and go out to breathe more fresh air.

We can also climb a hill in the suburbs.It's good for our health.

Let's go outing.

高一的英语作文 篇8

Among all the sports, I like basketball most.


It is both an indoor and outdoor sport.


People in everywhere like to play or watch this game.


I also like to watch people playing basketball on TV.


I often play it with some friends after school, and sometimes we play it on Sunday afternoon.


I am very good at basketball, but I am not the best player in my team.


Basketball can make me happy and healthy, and I really enjoy playing it.


高一的英语作文 篇9

A lunar New Year, no doubt, is sound, taste and township.

A New Year's eve firecrackers. Melody in the New Year, fireworks is low and grand drums, heavy yet explosive, accompanied by a large umbrella of scattering flowers, jinlong fall and arc of the rainbow, here every corner of the flower, a pair of, a group of cheng fang, a piece, a world, in a sudden the incomparable luster. And on the square table, and celebrate the applause, light spirit is ringing, can not help but think of "harps friend" -- it is natural to performance, the smile of gentle feeling let everyone around without his joy. Then a sound clear gong, it is in the middle of the night the cheer of the New Year, is not so short but lingering sound waves, times, stretches, like a stream, seeped into next year. In the end, a string of bells sound, it so mysterious, as if the passage of time, is at the end of the sea and the nien beast roar.

Through every form, and to have bouts of aroma. Like bacon that hard sweet, like the mutton soup hot sweet, like the natural aroma of coarse grains like steamed bread fresh incense, sweet like a sausage chewy, like dumplings a pack of sweet juice, like nuts, crisp sweet, like good old 994 stuffed sweet ChunChun... The fragrance, as they themselves. A wisp of fragrance, flavor, a dish, a table, a handful of happiness. I like dumplings, white white fat, quietly lying on the soup. It successfully, that sweet thick sesame paste, now a love heart.

JianJu the most popular cartoon "bears in the New Year's day" in a situation: even if a lumberjack, also know that mother's dumplings, dad's wine, are looking forward to the calendar page, end the arrival of the New Year's eve. Whether it's cold rime, shaking winter bamboo shoot, a speeding train, shimmering bright lights... Township, there is only one, let the wanderer to gallop tirelessly.

But you have such a scene: in the mobile phone clicking, hands of quick-frozen dumplings immodesty slide to the ground, fell to pieces, like a boom ray reminds you, want to travel to Hong Kong this year Spring Festival. So, the sound? Taste? Township?

高一的英语作文 篇10


Every year, when the winner of Nobel Prize in literature comes out, we will wonder why the winner is always belonging to foreigners. Though we are proud of our brilliant culture, we always miss this important award. Actually, Chinese literature is also famous around the world. The four great works like Journey to the West and A Dream in Red Mansions are known by the world. Every child in China has learn them and they even watch the TV series. The old literature Mater Sun’s Art of War is popular around foreigners. They are crazy about it and hope to learn some skills to help them run business. There is no doubt that Chinese literature has great influence on the world. It is the national treasure, and we can probe into the history and appreciate the charm.